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I always try to learn new things

Hi dear its me ,,,, “malik haseeb” now friends u all must be thinking who is this ? actually I am not any prime minister , that u must be knowing me ,,,it was jus a joke ,,, hahhahah !!!!! I know that I have a bad sence of humour but still I like jokes …Any ways friends jokes apart its my first attempt to web so I heartly welcome you to my webpage

and to talk about me I dont have much to say and that would be really eaiser for me to introduce myself …I am from a sweet ,cute , coool and the most beautiful country “paksitan” that means I am paksitani . Urdu speaking I am a smiple boy with very less knowledge about these sites and web but I am very determined to learn more and more about it . I didnt had much interest in this field too before, but god grace a very special friend popped in my life who not only teaches and encourages me to learn and do something new in life . infact he himself is very good in this .Now lets not go too far with my friend,,,, let us come back to my topic. okay I dont have much discription about myself i have many freinds but some are very special ,, here friends better dont think me as a boring character,,, am really a fun loving boy with a nice heart and a cool personality .I dont have any special high ambitions or goals to obtain but I am always ready for any challenges in life with a strong will power and lots of patience . because I think if we have patience we surely get something good in life and whatever is written in our destiny always comes to us just have faith in our soul heart and in ourselves ,,,,and life moves on as we want….
atlas this is me like an open book this is all I am with lots of trust and beleives in me and my friend obviously if he wouldnt have been with me I wouldnt have been able to keep this about myself in front of you all friends
so friends I hope u will not think me too bad , for friendship with me …
you wont find happiness unless you yourself create


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